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Migrant Voices


The centers for social and cultural psychology of KU Leuven and Université Libre de Bruxelles are organizing an online survey to gather the experience of people who are currently participating or have participated in the ''Parcours d'Intégration" in Wallonia. By giving voice to migrants' experiences, the ultimate aim of this survey is to identify areas of improvement to discuss with organisational stakeholders and community partners. 

Who can participate ? 

Anyone currently enrolled in the "Parcours d'Intégration" or who has completed it in the near past. Both newcomers and migrants who are in the process of naturalising can participate in the survey. 

How ? 

Materials and Communication

Check out the project flyer & the poster here. They explain in a nutshell the scope of the project and show the Q-R code to access to survey online, via smartphones or any other electronic device.

Do you want to organise collective sections and complete the survey together with participants? Click here to download the questionnaire in: Arabic, French, EnglishTurkish, Spanish, Albanian, Dari, Italian, Pashto, Polish, Portugais, Romanian, Somali

Do you want to meet us?

Each week, come meet us at the CRIPEL between 10AM-1PM on the following dates: April 27. May 4, 5, 9, 12 & 18. The calendar will be updated regularly.


If you want to join the project or send us updates, don't hesitate to contact us via the website contact form. Weakly at CRIPEL and contact person for the fieldwork in Liège:

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