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Setting-up a new coaching guide in asylum accommodation centres

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Successful virtual meeting with Red-Cross coordinators few days ago. Weird to "see" each other's faces through a screen. Given the situation, however, the meeting couldn't end up better. Everyone was motivated and curious to explore new professional horizons. We tackled some problems regarding current protocols and practices, and then introduced an innovative coaching guide to formalise interactions between social workers and people residing in asylum accommodation centres. Comments were even more enthusiastic that we expected: "Inspiring", "innovative", "collaborative"...we are undoubtedly heading to the right direction! Individual coaching sessions are a unique occasions to promote dialogue and support. Under the right conditions, they can effectively help asylum seekers setting and pursuing life goals during and after the centre.

Time to size the day now, stand up to the facts, and produce preliminary evidence that our coaching guide does work. While I speak, three pilote centres are already implementing the new protocols during face-to-face interviews between social workers and asylum seekers. It will be long journey, we don't expect immediate results.

Our resources are still limited, we handle technical issues with an inch of creativity and a mile of imagination. The theory is stetted-up, but practice is trials and errors. What matters the most is team work, institutional support...and motivation. Hopefully, next meeting will not be in a virtual chat room anymore, but on the ground, shaking hands and sharing hopes. To be continued...

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