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  • Emanuele Politi

The adventure begins, COVID-19 won't stop us

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Questionnaire delivery is finally getting to an end!!! Almost 5000 booklets translated in 13 languages were patiently folded and dispatched to eight Regional Offices of Integration around Wallonia. Researchers climb down from the ivory tower and get back on the road.

Thanks to all colleagues, friends, and relatives who helped through the conceptualisation, creation, and realisation of this ambitious project. Thanks to all social workers who will explain the aim of the project, and distribute the research material during introductory sessions and at the end of the civic integration programs. Thanks to the hundreds of people who will take their time to fill out the questionnaire and share their concerns.

The adventure is now ready to begin. We are exited to give voice to migrants throughout their participation in civic integration programs and citizenship classes. Little is known indeed about their experiences, motivations, and challenges. By listening to their voices, and representing their perspective, this research project can have a real impact in better understanding the effect of integration policies on the life trajectory of immigrant populations in Belgium.

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