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RESONET project kick-off

REsilience and SOlidarity in intercultural encounters between displaced migrants and host society members: An ego-centered NETwork approach

We open three job vacancies for two-year post-doc researchers under a multilateral funding scheme at Université Libre de Bruxelles (view offer), Université de Lausanne (view offer), and Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (view offer).

The RESONET project will employ an ego-centered social network approach to examine proximal social environments as spaces enabling resilience of displaced migrants, while concurrently sustaining host society members’ engagement in solidarity-based actions in support of displaced migrants.

Project description:

Three research axes investigate from different theoretical and methodological angles how intercultural ties between displaced migrants and host society members are created and sustained.

The first axis of the project (lead institution ULB) targets displaced migrants hosted in collective accommodation centers in Belgium. A quanti-quali field survey investigates whether secured living conditions in the collective accommodation center and supportive social networks facilitate resilient trajectories and planning ability after the end of the asylum procedure.

The second axis of the project (lead institution UNIL) targets host society members in Switzerland and Belgium who are not mobilized in solidarity initiatives in favor of displaced migrants. Experimental and cross-sectional designs investigate whether prescriptive norms and intergroup contact experiences within proximal social networks enhance intentions to join solidarity initiatives.

The third axis of the project (lead institution KUL) targets both displaced migrants and host society members volunteering in solidarity initiatives in Switzerland and Belgium. Qualitative individual and dyadic interviews investigate whether reciprocity in resource exchange and communication accommodation improve the quality of emerging social ties.

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