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Migrant Voices is a multi-partner multi-site research project led by

Antoine Roblain (ULB) and Emanuele Politi (KUL). The main scope of the project is to tackle challenges and opportunities encountered by newcomers during their first steps in the receiving society. Life course of newcomers are investigated across four different sub-projects, ranging from early adaptation of asylum seekers living in refugee accommodation centres, to capacity building of established refugee communities. 


By means of a close collaboration with stakeholders and field workers, Migrant Voices reconciles fundamental and applied research to produce empirical evidence and empirically informed policy advocacy, whereby theory and practice are in constant dialogue and support each other.

Asylum seekers guidance

Coaching asylum seekers living in collective accommodation centres

Refugees facing 

Building community and resilience among refugees

Civic integration programs  

 Participation in official integration programs and citizenship courses

Civic society 

Intergroup contact and social support  in the context of solidarity-based initiatives

Migrant Voices 

Research Project


The aim of our blog is to keep you up to date with our latest activities and to dialogue with you about the results of the different sub-projects.Some posts will also be spaces for migrants to express themselves about our surveys and give their personal perspective on the results. 

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